The cotton dhurries of Rajasthan are traditionally produced in resplendent colours, adding a dash of energy to the room. Many such dhurries are based on traditional designs, which trace their roots to the Persian, Turkish and central Asian kilims. These designs have been adapted by the local artisans who have added Indian motifs, such as a lotus flower. The colour palette used in the cotton dhurries has evolved with the changing colour preferences amongst the designers and the common people. The dhurry is used as an accent rug, and also as a rug with a colour palette aligned with that of the upholstery or the drapes.

Kalavilasa designs and sells the cotton dhurries made on a horizontal pit loom with a punja, a claw-like device used to pack the weft yarn. These dhurries are light weight, washable in cold water, and can be easily cleaned by giving a tight jerk to the dhurry in an open area or by using a vacuum cleaner. The dhurries are known to have a long life, lasting a couple of decades if maintained on a regular basis. The dhurries are available for sale in online stores, and also in select craft-specific exhibitions like Dastkar.