The page to consist of photographs (same as in home page) of installations of wool carpets – Only Vivek, Yusuf, IT City – Sobha, Partha

Kalavilasa creates beautiful wool carpets, for project sponsors working through an architect or an interior designer, or directly with us. The method of creating the carpets varies according to the assignment. If Kalavilasa is provided the design of the carpet, we take care of its production. Our team studies the design, proposes the best production technique, and suggests the ideal natural fibres for producing the carpet. All along, we never lose sight of the technical and budgetary requirements of the client. On other occasions, the project sponsor chooses a design from our catalogue, and stipulates the specific shape, size and the colour way. The third, and the most challenging yet interesting assignment for us is the one in which we work alongside the designer’s team which proposes a concept, and the project sponsor who provides the art direction. Based on these inputs, Kalavilasa design team works iteratively to produce a design of the carpet, which is acceptable to all the stakeholders. While collaborating on the project, in addition to providing the know-how of producing rugs, Kalavilasa also provides colour charts, texture samples and material samples. Kalavilasa shall demonstrate complete flexibility in working in various types of collaborative projects, with the sole aim of creating beautiful wool carpets.

Kalavilasa adheres to strict quality-control during every stage of the production process. We pay special attention to the finish of the rug. The production team possesses the know-how needed to produce a high-quality rug, having the experience of more than 30 years of supplying rugs, to domestic and international clients. The result speaks for itself, in the form of a satisfied client possessing a beautiful rug.

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