Handmade dhurries (This section dwells on the technique and raw material used in producing Punja dhurries)

Dhurries from Kalavilasa are a labour of love of the craftpersons. The weaving technique produces weft-faced design in a dhurry, in which the warp is always made of cotton yarn, while the weft is made of cotton or wool yarn. The tensile strength of cotton yarn in the warp, provides a strong foundation to the rug. A claw-like device, called Punja, is used by the weavers to densely pack the weft yarn to almost hide the warp. The weaving technique used in producing Kalavilasa dhurries is called single-interlock, weft-faced plain weave. This technique results in identical design on both the sides of the dhurry. The weavers use horizontal pit looms as well as vertical looms to weave the dhurries.

The cotton or the wool yarn used in the weft is dyed before the weaving commences on the loom.